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What you should know to start playing golf

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February 11th, 2014

Golf is a sports game, in which individuals or team members compete against each other, driving a special ball into the holes, trying to pass a certain distance for a minimum number of blow. Experts say that the game of golf was invented by Scottish shepherds who drove the stones in rabbit holes using staves. As you can imagine, staffs is this prototype of a clubs and stones were subsequently replaced with lighter sports balls.

What items you will need to start playing the game of true gentlemen. If you want to become a golfer you should acquire a special bag with major clubs, several balls, special shoes with spikes, glove on the left hand (for right-handers). This game is played on classical field with 9 or 18 holes. You can find perfect courses to practice and participate in tournaments in Ohio. As for the rules of the game, they are quite simple. The main task is to pass each hole for a certain number of strokes (pars). And it must be done in accordance with the map location of holes on the field.

It is more difficult to get along with the terminology of the game. But if you succeed, then you can start playing. So, a well in the ground is a hole, special area with the hole is green, starting area is tee box and main area is fairway. By the way, there are all sorts of obstacles on the course – pits with sand, water basins, trees, shrubs and high grass. Golfing begins at each hole at tee box, where players make a long (more than 100 m) stroke with large club called wood (? 1 or ? 3). Participant must get the ball to fairway from the first stroke and then pass the fairway with a few blows (about 4 or 5), depending on the course size. Then participants use other types of clubs to continue playing. They take iron – medium size club. If it happens that the ball hits an obstacle, the players can get around it by using special club -wedge to take the ball on the green – a platform with ideal grass. After the ball has passed the green area, it should be put in a hole with a special club – putter. As a rule, the winner is the player who has passed the whole distance with fewer strokes.

Golf is a sport that combines physical activity with pleasant pastime. It makes sense to ask the question: What golf is -relaxation, leisure or sport? Grandfather of former U.S. President George W. Bush, who was a head of American Golf Association many years ago, said that he could manage to convince many of his opponents on the course. It is hard to imagine more elite, prestigious and unusual type of sport played all around the world. This game has gained widespread popularity in Northern America and Europe in connection with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and family activities. In this regard, first class sports facilities were constructed in Ohio providing all-the-year-round opportunities for golfing. Now, you can find more than 800 public and private courses in Ohio for all kinds of players: from beginners to professionals.

Scotland is considered the birthplace of game. First rules were written in 1744. Nowadays, more than 20 million people play it in America. It is a game of successful businessmen, movie stars, country leaders and those people, who know what a real etiquette is.

Luis Castro in cooperation with Marianne Brady providing tips on playing golf in Ohio and other states.

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