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Primary Providers associated with Electric Golf Carts

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July 2nd, 2012
Electric Golf Carts

Electric Golf Carts

As numerous golf courses are now exceptionally long in distance, it’s no surprise to see more and more people thinking about purchasing an electric golf cart. Undoubtedly, the actual market has grown significantly over recent years, along with numerous companies emerging in order to compete for a place in the actual industry. Obviously, this means which the consumer has the huge wealth of options available, yet this option can be daunting as well as for this reason it may be helpful to possess some knowledge of the main players within the market.


PowaKaddy are regarded as the the majority of recognized brand within the United Kingdom. They were first established within 1983 and also have since gone onto turn out to be one associated with the most innovative manufacturers of golf carts in the actual country. Furthermore, following success within their home country, their products can also be generally discovered throughout the world. The actual company possess developed some superbly reliable products over recent years, along with numerous holding sophisticated features which make their products extremely desirable. Unlike numerous manufacturers within the industry, PowaKaddy provide a good extensive range of accessories, along with the company also selling their own battery with regard to their golf carts.


EZ GO are one company within the industry which concentrate specifically on sit-on golf carts. They tend to never convey more than the handful of products in their range, along with every targeted at another kind of consumer. Their golf carts are regarded as some of the most sophisticated in the industry and many associated with their products over the years possess been recognized through high-profile awards. Usually, golf buggies by EZ GO use a 48-DC power source. This means that the batteries that function the actual products are extremely sophisticated items as well as EZ GO possess decided in order to outsource manufacturing for these. Consequently, those customers who buy an EZ GO golf cart will be utilizing a battery from the third-party provider, such as Trojan.


This company was established over twenty-five years ago, that obviously can make them the big as well as reputable player in the golf cart industry. Similarly in order to PowaKaddy, GoKart are more well-known within the UK but their products can still be discovered worldwide. Another appealing fact regarding GoKart golf products may be the fact that they produce their own accessories, such as batteries, which can make life a lot easier for consumers.

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