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Lessons On Teamwork Coming From Leopoldo Lares

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June 27th, 2012

The spirit of any game is not all about the stellar stand-alone moments or individual performances. A team does not win a match or a game simply by relying on the star players and expecting them to deliver. When the captains and kings fall, the rest of the game depends on how the rookies and novices play. Thus, winning or losing a game cannot be attached to simply a single player. It is the team that secures a victory or loses the game as well. Such and other thoughts are some of the opinions given by famed sports consultant and yesteryear sport star Leopoldo Lares Argenis Azuaje.

Leopoldo who has had his share of coaching a number of soccer teams and squads holds the view that teamwork is the thing that can either make or break the game. The team needs to function as whole instead of being a one-man show. This is because every player has a special role and function in the game. According to Leopoldo Lares Argenis Azuaje, every player has to give his best when performing this role or function. It is only when all the players give their best shot that the team actually manages to win the game. This is indeed a true observation.

However, Leopoldo Lares also points out that lack of morale or cohesiveness in the team can ruin the entire game. Lares points out some important factors that help a team to be strongly held together. One is talent. Every player in the team has been chosen for specific talents and skills and he should not be shy of using his talents. The other important factor is that of effort. Every player should use his talents with determination and hard work so as to give their best and contribute to the overall team effort and perseverance as well. This is also important.

Aim and motivation are also important, as Lares puts it. A player should not be satisfied with his efforts. He should aim higher. He should try to achieve a greater objective to make his effort count. It is also important that the team members are adequately motivated towards the goal of victory. For this, Leopoldo Lares Interpol holds that the main players like the captain or the key players should try to inspire the other players with their feats. When the team is well-motivated, it works very well and together wins the game with its effort.

These are some handy lessons coming from the famous Leopoldo Lares.


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