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Landscapers Work Hard To Shape Beautiful Golf Courses

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March 20th, 2014

Maintaining a golf course is something of an art. When you maintain a course, you need to make sure that the landscaping is conducive to a great game of golf, but you also need to make sure that people aren’t visually put off by your landscaping choices; it has to be practical, playable and beautiful all at once. When faced with unpredictable weather patterns, the task of maintenance becomes a challenging prospect for groundskeepers.

The duties of a groundskeepers vary depending on the size of the course they work on. Many larger courses employ teams of specialized landscapers to make sure that the course stays in pristine condition; it’s not uncommon for a team to contain supervisors, groundskeepers, assistants and trainees. Many of these employees have professional qualifications that give them the skills to be able to work at a demanding course.

How Do They Maintain A Course?

Mowing Greens

The length of the grass on a course is important to the players who use it. Mowing tends to take up a lot of the employee’s time. This is especially true during the warmer months when the grass is growing quickly. If the grass isn’t maintained properly, players can’t play on the course; it’s one of the employees’ top priorities.

Employees use a green mower to go over the greens daily; they need to make sure that the grass stays between three to five millimeters at all times. If the grass gets too long, people can’t play on it. They use a specialized ride on mower designed to be able to cut grass at a very specific length. In hard to reach spots, the employees use a push mower.

Tee Boxes

The tee box, green surrounds and fairway are all kept at the same length; these are also usually mowed by a ride on mower. The fairway is the largest part of the golf course, so it’s not uncommon for groundskeepers to spend a majority of their time on them. They use their mowers about once every three days to make sure that the fairway’s length stays between 12 and 18 millimeters.

The Rough

The rough is taken care of about once a week. This grass is purposefully left longer to make the course more challenging for players. Usually, a rotary mower is used for the job.

Landscaping a golf course is hard and rewarding. When it’s done properly, players get to experience golf in all of its glory. Without professional groundskeepers, it would be impossible to maintain a course that people would want to play on; golf groundskeepers are the lifeblood of every golf course in the world.


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