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How Golfing is Good for Your Health

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June 27th, 2017

Known as the game for gentleman and a leisure sport, golfing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether you are an expert golfer or a beginner, golfing is actually very good for your health and well being. According to a health and fitness article, some of the benefits of golfing include: fostering relationships, burning calories, outdoor exposure, strengthens your bladder, exercises your brain, increases your heart rate, less likely of getting a sports injury, enhances your vision, and a great stress reducer. From the non-golfer’s point of view, golfing is not much of a sport because you don’t move around much. However, golfing gives you a great cardiovascular workout. According to another article, there is a lot of walking involved in a game of golf. Your average eight-teen hole golf course is about five to eight miles in length which results in a lot of walking. While providing you with a good workout, golfing also can improve your sleep. Since golfing is an outdoor sport usually enjoyed on a sunny day, means that you will get a lot of vitamin D while out on the course. Increased doses of vitamin D can provide you with: enhanced mood, increased energy levels, generates cell growth and helps in the absorption of calcium.

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