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How Corporate Golf Days Could Benefit Your Organisation

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April 15th, 2013

Corporate environments are fast paced and extremely difficult to manage. Even in smaller organisations where there are just 20-30 employees, ensuring that employees develop relationships can be difficult. Everyone in that organisation has a task in hand and they feel they would be better operating alone, rather than spending time chatting to others.

Corporate networking days are important. Having a strong sense of teamwork in an organisation is really what helps to hold it together. The reality is that working as a team, rather than working individually, is much more productive. Ideas will surface that might not have surfaced before and working as a team, employees will find that they can delegate tasks to each other to be much efficient.

Striking that initial bond is where most companies fail. It takes a certain type of event to really make this happen. Although a corporate networking day at a golf course might seem extravagant, think of the long term positives. This is a way for people involved in an organisation to let their guard down and really speak to each other. This will allow them to see each other in a new light when they are back in the work place.

So what would a day include?
Corporate golf days can vary a great deal. Some organisations like to keep them formal with a tight schedule to follow. Others prefer the day to be less formal. There are a range of options. Of course, these will all depend on the facility and their capacity to host such an event.

Most courses will be able to host 75-100 golfers at one time. They will have experience with corporate golf days, so they will be able to provide plenty of help and advice when it comes to event management. They can even help to develop activities to help people involved to communicate with each other. Generally, these corporate days will also include buggy hire, although this is something that can be removed if necessary, to reduce the cost.

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