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Funky Golf Fashion For Spring/Summer 2012

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June 18th, 2012

If you really cannot bring yourself to wear some of the more outlandish ladies golf clothes that has been making waves in recent months, then there is an alternative and it doesn’t have to be the staid fashions of yesteryear. Instead Linda Hipp of sportswear company, Lija is trying to revolutionize the way that women dress on the fairway.

Her clothing is bold and edgy, but still remains very feminine. In fact, it pushes the boundaries of conventional golf clothing. Linda has the ability to take a classic design and put her own spin on it. Whether that be the ponte slouch pants or Skinny tech tapered trousers, both of which are a long way from traditional women’s golfing trousers, the rounded gathered seam polo shirt, or the modern ruched capped sleeve top. Both of which are again simply elegant in their appearance.

It isn’t just the designs that are cutting edge, her colours are bang on trend with what’s current in the fashion world. Neutral hues are interspersed with bursts of vibrant colours such as fuchsia pinks,
turquoise and tangerines. Although the garments are designed to be fashionable, chic and stylish, they are also incredibly practical. She uses materials that will keep the wearer cool in the summer and give the skin plenty of room to breathe. Skinny pants are made of a mix of cotton, polyester and spandex to give that figure hugging look whilst being able to sit comfortably on the body. Halter tops with stunning ruffle detail are loose enough to allow the wearer to take that all important shot. In addition all clothing has plenty of storage in the form of pockets and zips.

So if you like to look stylish at all times, even on the golf course, then it is worth keeping an eye on the designs of Linda Hipp,her company Lija and other clothing companies such as Galvin Green. They are starting to place themselves firmly on the sporting apparel map and are soon to be a big player in this market.

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