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Fairway Woods Driver

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June 5th, 2012

When we are talking about the classic and all-times favorite driver, then we are definitely talking about woods driver. One or two ways woods, three and five wood are also available. Seniors and women are usually using 7 or 9 wood. One thing we should know is the term “wood” refers to the titanium alloy or steel clubheads. The clubheads were made from wood. The metal material was started to use in 1980s. The term “fairway woods” is now called as “fairway metal”.

If we are beginners, the 1-wood driver will be one of the clubs that is quite hard to master. This is the longest clubs we can find in the bag. With that way, controlling the swing can be quite challenging. The driver clubheads are mostly made from titanium alloys. For the cheaper alternative, we can choose steel. Titanium is more expensive because it is lighter.

Fairway woods are made from the same material. The fairway woods are like irons, they are quite progressive. There are so many types of driver and to find a lot of information on the driver, we can go to There, we will find a lot of Cleveland golfs classic driver information. All drivers are available on the sire and we can also get information on the events, accessories and many others.

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