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Digital Technology For Baseball Training

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March 22nd, 2014

Athletes that play at competitive levels need to develop excellent training routines. Digital technology can be used to help individuals in a variety of different sports. Radar equipment offers excellent analysis of any moves that involve throwing or kicking a ball. For example, baseball pitchers want to develop fast pitches. It is impossible to estimate the velocity of a baseball pitch with the naked eye. Even the most experienced coaches can’t make rough estimates of baseball pitches. On a professional level, pitchers can throw fastballs or curve balls at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The average range of a baseball pitch in a professional game is between 80 and 95 mph. Modern radar technology is capable of measuring balls traveling up to 150 miles per hour.
Radar guns make excellent additions to any training sessions for baseball pitchers. Such devices have handheld designs that make it easy to point and shoot. The most advanced radar guns can be used hundreds of feet away from a pitcher. Of course, a trainer can always get much closer to a pitcher during a practice session. However, baseball scouts may be able to use radar guns while sitting in the stands far away from a pitcher.

A portable design makes radar guns very useful for professional baseball trainers and scouts. The radar devices can be brought along to any away game. It’s recommended that a special case is used to transport any radar equipment. After all, there are sensitive electronic components inside any handheld radar device. Additionally, the lenses and other optical systems may easily crack from hard impacts.

Some radar guns are designed to be compatible with desktop and laptop computers. Standard USB cables and other types of data connections can be used to sync radar devices to personal computers. Special software makes it easy to import all of the radar data onto a hard drive. For example, the speeds of all the pitches in a given training session could be reviewed on a computer. Progress reports may also be created based on pitching data that has been collected over several weeks or months.

Specialty sports shops offer a selection of advanced digital training technology. Radar gun sales may be available at online sports retailers. Some radar guns might have premium prices and therefore potential buyers need to make orders that include secure shipping for maximum protection of the products.

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